• Fish farms
• Seafood processing&packaging companies
• Fish processing&packaging machinery&equip.
• Seafood wholesalers
• Seafood producers, importers/exporters
• Feed&feed additives industry
• Hatcheries
• Vaccines&medical products
• Off-shore cage systems
• Nets, mooring systems
• Antifouling
• Tanks
• Seafood transport&handling equipment
• Logistic companies
• Ice machines
• Cold storage and shock systems
• Oxygenation, airation systems
• Weighing, measuring&control equipment
• Laboratory equipment
• Food safety and hygiene
• Work&safety clothing and equipment
• Consultancy
• Quality control equipment
• Diving equipment
• Sofware
• Incubation systems
• Under water and deck lighting systems
• Boats
• Fishing nets&twines
• Ropes, bouys&floats
• Telecommunication systems
• Radar, sonar&fish finding equipment
• Generators
• Fishing boat engines
• Battery systems
• Fuel&motor oil
• Winches&deck equipment
• Shipyards
A Marketing Opportunity Not To Be Missed

Future Fish Eurasia, the 9th International Fair for Fish Imports/Exports, Processing, Aquaculture and Fisheries will be organised by Eurasia Trade Fairs at the Izmir International Fair Centre between 18 - 20 October 2018.

Future Fish Eurasia 2018 will be organised in a hall of 10.000m2, where over 200 local & international companies will display their latest products and services. The concept of Future Fish Eurasia is a combination of fish products, aquaculture and fish processing equipment. Catering for fish farmers, processors, and traders.

As Turkey's only fair for fish processing, aquaculture and fisheries, Future Fish Eurasia is a perfect platform for those in the fish business. Whatever your aim is, introducing your aquaculture and/or processing technology to Turkey and its neighbouring countries, buy quality farmed products or sell alternatif seafood, locating distributors in the region or strengthening your existing position in the market, Future Fish Eurasia 2018 will be an opportunity not to be missed.

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